Game Rewind – June 2013

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Games I played for the first time in June 2013.

What do I think of them now?

Im Reich der Jadegöttin

Im Reich der Jadegöttin First Play

I still like it, I even own it now. I mentioned in my review that I hoped the guy who owned it brought it again, he did not. Fortunately, quite recently, I picked it up in a maths trade so I have been able to play it again.

While I do enjoy the game, I still don’t like that you can just swoop in and piggy back on the work someone else has done. Apart form that I own it, like it and so far it’s staying on my shelf (Although it is in the relegation zone ;))

Result: Will play it while I’ve got it

Pitch Car Mini

Pitch Car Mini First Play

We kick off a great day of gaming with an 8 player game of this. It was a really good laugh and how dexterity games should be.

I haven’t played many since and I think only Rampage stands alone as the ‘other’ dexterity game I have played and that wasn’t very good.

Pitch car is great. So great that if I could afford it, I had a table big enough and I had 7 friends I would buy it no problem.

But sadly it’s usually £100+, too big for my apartment and I wouldn’t want to try and get 8 people in my game room anyway.

BUT, I still have fond memories of th experience of playing this game and how many games do that?

Result: I’m not just happy to play again, I really want to!

Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters First Play

Well it’s easy…

I enjoyed this game the first time I played it, I didn’t after then.

It’s far too slow. It suits 6+ players yet turns can take a while and quite often players lose focus and have to have the current game explained to them on their turn.

Also, there’s too much competition in it’s niche but it CAN be fun, with the right people.

Result: I’d play this, depending on the group.

Incan Gold

Incan Gold First Play

It’s very simple, too simple for me. As a filler, there are many better games to play.

It’s all about the push your luck aspect, which isn’t bad I guess, but that’s all it is. I know most fillers and short games are the same mechanic repeated but games like Love Letter and Om Nom Nom are so much better. Then there are games like For Sale which at least has 2 mini-games combined into one very fun package.

Having said that, table banter, ooo’s and aah’s MAKE this game.

Result: Will play as a filler at the start of a gaming day (Played at the end I’d probably just leave early ;))

Star Trek Fleet Captains

Star Trek Fleet Captains First Play

This is probably the best “Star Trek” game there is. Well, maybe not the best but the most ‘Star Trek’ of them.

I liked how the game played, how exploration felt like the TV show, how cloaking worked etc

Of course the Minis are nice, I haven’t played Attack Wing yet so I will say they’re the best Star Trek related minis I have played with 🙂

Sadly, the board is frustrating with is card tiles that move, a lot. Also, there is a high degree of luck, finding the right missions under tiles your side of the board means victory. (Read my Fleet Captains review to see what I mean)

Result: If 3 people looked upset they couldn’t get a 4th player, I’d volunteer if nothing better was available.

Forbidden Desert

Forbidden Desert First Play

I’ve played this a few times over the last year, mostly successful.

So a co-op/solo game (Colo? So-op?) which I tend to not like (Except for Robinson Crusoe ’cause that game rocks.) but this one works ok. I feel a ‘team work’ ethic is used rather than you tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Cough… Ghost Stories.. Cough … Dark, Darker, Darkest… Cough… Maybe that was just the people.

I tend to play the Explorer ’cause it appears diagonals are important to me for some reason, I don’t know why that is. I’m not sure I could handle the pressure of being the Water Carrier 🙂

Result: I’ll play it, why not?

Gauntlet of Fools

Gauntlet of Fools  First Play

I quite enjoyed this at the time despite thinking it could have been better.

The defence of your guy is hugely important. If you don’t have the attack to kill the enemy it’s fine as long as you’re tough enough to soldier on. The idea is to boast the hell out of the toughest guy and make it an even playing field.

Doing that, would make it a fun game so I’d love to play this right.

Result: I want to give this another go.


Suburbia Review

I enjoyed this a lot when I first played it. It’s so simple yet tactical. The interaction is good but not overly complex. It’s simple looking yet detailed enough.

I played it A LOT when I first got it and played it regularly until I got the Suburbia Inc expansion.

The expansion adds cool stuff like extra targets to achieve and borders that can help you build the Suburbia you want to build.

It’s not that I have the expansion that I don’t play it as much, it’s that it’s buried among all my other games and the people I play with never seem to want to put it to the top of the list.

For me though, this is one of my favourite games

Result: Own it and will play any time.


Troyes First Play

I enjoyed this at the time. It’s quite complex and there’s plenty to do and think about.

But, now I’ve played plenty more games. and if I’m going to take actions with dice then Euphoria and Kingsburg would take priority.

Result: I don’t think I’d want to relearn this one.

Ghost Stories: Black Secret

Ghost Stories: Black Secret First Play

I still haven’t played the base Ghost Stories and doubt I will I had such a bad experience with this game.

As far as co-ops go, it’s at the bottom of the list with Dark, Darker, Darkest.

I have Robinson Crusoe, Zombicide, Escape! the Curse of the Temple and Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game, all would take preference as a co-op over Ghost Stories.

Result: No thank you


Citadels First Play

Firstly, this game is long, turns drag, down time is huge and it’s not really much fun.

There are a lot of similar games that I would rather play than Citadels so I don’t see why I would ever play this again.


Result: No thank you.


Ninjato First Play

I enjoyed this at the time despite bickering between other players. The game is interesting and different and would be quicker on a second play through with experienced players.

Looking back at my review it reminded me how much I enjoyed playing this and how much I wanted to play it again at the time. I still do now.

Result: I will play again


Pickomino First Play

I enjoyed this at the time and played it as a filler for those of us getting to the game night early a few times. I even bought a copy of it myself at Essen later in the year. (Although its called Heck Meck in German)

I do enjoy it but…

With 4 + players it’s too long to be a filler and not heavy enough to be interesting. I feel 2-3 players is a sweet spot that lowers the play time enough and also keeps the competition and tile stealing there, which is the best bit.

I have since sold this to a friend so it’s still in the group, which is good.

Result: I’m happy to play it, with the right player numbers.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica First Play

When I played it I enjoyed it but I hadn’t seen the show. I have since seen the show so looking back the game REALLY makes sense.

I get why Boomer draws 2 cards at the Sleeper step, I get why Admiral Cain can just kill someone once per game, I get why the Population count matters… (Well OK, I know Humans being killed is bad but now I really know :))

It’s one that’s on my list of games to get… but… most of my play group haven’t seen the show and I think it really makes a difference. If they watch it (they said they might) I’ll get it for sure.

Edit: With Dead of Winter coming soon it may be too similar to Battlestar for me to own both, we’ll see.

Result: I want to play it again.

Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica Review

I did only play it twice before eventually buying a copy. Those of you frustrated as I was when certain suppliers couldn’t get this in for AGES will know how long that gap was.

But even when I bought it I’ve only played it twice. Why is that?

Well, it’s quite long so I don’t push it on my group. I don’t want them to resent the game due to me playing it every week.

Another reason for the lack of plays is the amount of new games coming in and out of my collection, there was always something new to play… oh well!

Result: I want to play it again, and again, and again.


Kingsburg First Play

I must say having played it with the expansion since then I much prefer it with the expansion.

I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t played this directly after Terra Mystica I would have bought it there and then. (The £50 upcoming Terra Mystica purchase made me drop spending on other games :))

I believe someone in my local game group now owns this so I might get to see it more in the near future.

Result: Will play, but not too often.


Tsuro Review

Well I played it a fair bit after getting it in a maths trade. But filler after filler after filler arrived on my shelves and I had to make room…

So I managed to sell it, but I sold it to someone in my group so I still get to see it at weekends 🙂

Result: I will play this.

Get Bit! Deluxe

Get Bit First Play

With so many ‘simultaneous card reveal’ games available they have to be good to compete.

I think this is, especially with larger numbers of players. It can get quite rowdy (and sweary) at the table which is pretty cool.

Result: Suggest it, I’ll play it.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride First Play

I’m not a huge fan of this game with so many other games to play.

It’s not terrible, it’s just so low down on the list of games I would play that I just wouldn’t get around to playing this.

I did play the Asia version where you play in teams, sharing cards but cannot discuss what you are playing with your team mate. That was MORE fun.

Result: Would have to be the only game available to play.

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