Game Rewind – January 2016

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A look back at games I played for the first time in January 2016.

Plenty of ups, and downs!

Power Grid

Power Grid First Play

A fantastic game of bidding for Power Plants, building a network of Generators, powering them to make income to buy better Power Plants and the resources to run them.

Always looked and sounded dull to me… But, on Board Game Geek when they do popularity polls this is always up there. It’s also currently ranked 17th overall on BGG despite being 13 years old.

So it turned into one of those games I had to play if I wanted to have any credibility of running a blog, or a Podcast… and now I own it 🙂

It’s just a very simple, very nice game that is usually won by the best player and makes the best use of turn order in any game ever.

Result: Always happy to play this.

Food Chain Magnate

Food Chain Magnate First Play

Very heavy, plain looking Euro about running a Fast Food company. Including hiring staff and running adverts.

You need to play it a couple of times to get the hang of it but it’s too complex and long to play often.

Result: Ok, but too long.


FUSE First Play

Very fun co-op game of dismantling bombs in real time. You do this by drafting dice (quickly) and placing them on matching symbols on cards. These symbols not only need the colour and/or number of the die to match, but sometimes you need to have the total of all dice equal a specific total, or be the same/different colour/value to other dice etc Lot’s of different stipulations… including building upwards.

With it being real time, and defusing bombs being a very careful business there are rules in there to punish you for being too hasty and drawing too many dice or knocking over stacks etc…

Simple to teach, very difficult to ‘win’ (although you get a score if you lose) and just 10 minutes long due to being timed via an app.

Result: Very fun, even though I haven’t played it since last January. (I’ll put that right soon)


Stockpile First Play

Pretty nice game of buying and selling stocks while having some secret inside information.

I loved this the first couple of times I played it, then the 3rd time? Found it boring. (Expansion drags the game out too)

Result: Sold it

Gold West

Gold West First Play

A very nice Euro… I remember that’s what it was but I remember very little else… However, it’s a wild West themed mix of different thing and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t special.

Result: Good isn’t good enough!

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens First Play

Random game with fun art, not for me.

Result: No thanks! 🙂


Patchwork First Play

Excellent 2 player game of sewing patches onto a quilt…

Patches costs ‘Buttons’ and use ‘Time’ which are the two currencies in the game. Buttons are earned from gaining income from certain spots depending on how many buttons are on your quilt. Time is moving your marker on a track with a ‘Whoever is furthest behind goes next’ mechanism…

I don’t get to play 2 player games often. luckily the app version is great.

Result:One of my fave 2 player games, and fave apps.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico First Play

Classic action selection game of building Puerto Rico and Trading Goods.

As with Power Grid, this is another classic and popular game I felt I ‘needed’ to play.

It didn’t grab me as much as Power Grid did, but the mechanisms are smooth and the game play is great. You can see why it’s still in the Top 10 on BGG after 15 years.

Result: I’d play this more.

Chaos in the Old World

Chaos in the Old World First Play

Dudes on a map in a Warhammer world. Designed by Eric Lang and was the basis for Blood Rage, but each faction had its own deck of cards and won slightly differently which makes the game 10x better.

Result: Better than Blood Rage, but out of print. (and probably dead now)


Thunderbirds First Play

Awful co-op from the creator of Pandemic…

Result: Just play Pandemic.

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