Game Rewind – January 2014

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January was a pretty good month…

Let’s take a look at what people got for Christmas 🙂

Shadows Over Camelot

Shadows over camelot

A fun co-op with a traitor but wow does it drag with higher numbers.

It’s hard to smoke out a traitor when time in-between turns is so long you’re not concentrating. But overall I do enjoy the game.

Result: I’ll play it with 5 or less players


One of my least favourite deck building games. Trains and Marvel Legendary spring to mind as better options.

Result: Better deck builders available for me.

Pittsburgh 68

Terrible… 13 player game, took FOREVER to play.

May have been better with 5-6 players as a first time but it’s probably too late now 🙂

Result: Boring

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island

Robinson Crusoe Box

A great thematic co-op game that is really really tough!

I’m looking forward to picking up the expansion and I’ll probably play through the campaign solo.

Result: Still own and still play


Silly fun for 20 minutes…

I did find that after the initial destruction the game slowed down a lot as we tried to pick off the last few bits of stuff remaining in play.

Result: I’d play it again to see if I feel the same

The Manhattan Project

Pretty generic worker placement game really, nothing special for me.

Result: I’ve seen enough

No Thanks!

No Thanks Box

Went out and bought this straight away and still play it quite often.

Result: I’ll play this any time


Still unsure about this one…

You have to protect one part of a nine piece Island and make it the last one available to score it. But, it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE that if you have one of the valuable outside pieces that the other players will let it survive to the end and you can’t fight off everyone every turn until the end of the game.

Result: I’ll still play it but I’ll hope for a middle island piece.

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