Game Rewind – February 2014

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A look back at games I played for the first time in February 2014.

A busy, and heavy month.



A very nice area control game based in the Tempest universe.

You play characters every turn which provide an ability that activates that turn and all future turns. The earlier you play a character the more times it’s ability will activate. But, the earlier you play a character the weaker it’s ability will be. Their abilities get stronger the later you play them.

Do you play one early or hold on to it for its better late game ability? Interesting choice.

It is a heavy game that gives you plenty to think about and it plays at around 2 hours which can get tiring but, it’s a good game.

Result: Could be tempted to play it again.



A light card game of manipulating a queue to get certain peoples head chopped off while avoiding others.

Result: A good filler

The Great Zimbabwe


A nice looking yet very brain-burny game of developing technologies.

Great art, mind-melting game play and Rhinos for currency made for a good gaming experience.

Result: Good, but I think once was enough.

Carnival Zombie


Carnival Zombie Box

A co-op zombie survival game with an action point allowance, great artwork, story driven game and a fantastic dexterity element…

Result: I would own this

The End of the Triumvirate


I usually remember each game I play quite well but this one obviously didn’t have a lasting impression.

This is a 3 player game with movement, fighting and politics… The fighting is done my drawing cubes from a bag which was a nice touch.

Result: I enjoyed it at the time, but it wasn’t very memorable.

Pecunia non Olet


A filler about Romans queuing for a toilet… enough said.

Result: Fun, but rare and quite expensive to get hold of.

Race! Formula 90


Race Formula 90 Box

A very good racing game using hand management to drive your cars around the track. You can take it easy and see how it goes or you can step it up and risk damaging your car or wearing out your tyres too quickly.

The game has 2 rule sets and I’ve still only played the basic ones, I can’t wait to play the advanced game.

Result: I will definitely play this again.

Firefly: The Game


A pick up and deliver game themed with Firefly.

I would love to like this, but it takes so long to play and takes up so much table space it’s a little boring and frustrating. (Constantly rearranging your play area to fit in your play space)

Result: Sadly, not a fan.

Conquest of the Empire


A large scale combat game (literally) that forces diversity in unit types via a dice roll for combat.

You bid for turn order, but turn order also decides who is allied with who that turn which adds something to just ‘bidding’.

Result: Good, but once was enough.

Lost Legends


I had a bad experience the first time around. I recently picked this up in a maths trade and got to play it again. It was better… although we played some rules wrong. It’s a simple game to play but some of the phases are confusing and not helped by an average rule book.

But, it seemed to go down well in our group so it’s one I’ll keep for a bit. However, I recently played it and a couple of players didn’t get a kill in round one, or any gold so they were behind in round 2 and playing catch up. It wasn’t fun for them…

Result: It’s a keep for now, but re-playability/randomness may be an issue.

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