Game Rewind – August 2015

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A look back at games I played for the first time in August 2015.

Quality month…

Arcadia Quest

Arcadia Quest Review

Arcadia Quest Box

Fantastic dungeon crawl where you take a Guild into a scenario to complete missions and become the greatest guild in Arcadia.

It’s PvE in most cases but there is a PvP element which adds quite a bit to the game, doesn’t feel forced or annoying.

Result: One of my all time favourites.

Forbidden Stars

Forbidden Stars First Play

Warhammer 40K themed game of controlling planets and fighting. Fighting took way too long but the bits were nice.

Result: Once was enough.

Escape: Zombie City

Escape: Zombie City First Play

Zombie themed version of Escape: The Curse of the Temple. I want to enjoy it but I’ve played the older version so many times it’s lost it’s shine.

Result: Played too much.

La Granja

La Granja First Play

Very nice Euro where you’re running a Spanish farm and have a lot to do. The multi-use cards make you try different tactics each game so one play didn’t feel enough to learn the game.

Result: I do want to play this again.

Broom Service

Broom Service Review

Broom Service Box

Excellent game of delivering potions around a magical world using Witches and Druids. The mechanism of choosing a card to use then having to decide to play the weaker but guaranteed ‘Cowardly’ action or go for the ‘Bold’ action to get extra stuff but risk getting nothing is great.

Result: In my collection, love it.

Dark Moon

Dark Moon First Play

Decent Dead of Winter/Battlestar Galactica style game where you submit dice instead cards to achieve a common goal. The dice are hidden and weighted negatively so when you submit them you’re always making excuses about a bad roll, but maybe you’re the infected traitor trying to tank things.

Result:Quicker than the competition, but not as good.

Gods Gambit

Gods Gambit First Play

Uno with abilities and a Seiji Kanai twist.

Great art but very harsh game play that was too much for me.

Result: Good, but for Uno with a twist I’d play Pina Pirata.

Merchants & Maurauders

Merchants & Maurauders First Play


Merchants & Marauders Box

Fantastic Pirate themed game where you’re sailing either trading or pirating. It’s just a nice looking pick up and deliver game really but it feels much more as the theme of piracy in that era comes through.

If you take the Piracy route you need to avoid Naval ships, trade peacefully? Avoid Pirates…

Add to this warring Nations and other effects and the game never gets dull.

Result: Fantastic game, want to play again

Artifacts Inc

Artifacts Inc First Play

Interesting dice placement game where you’re digging for artefacts.

Plenty of down time though to the point where the designer rewrote some of the rules meaning each player needed their own dice.

I bought dice to play it but never wanted to give it a go.

Result: Too slow, not for me.


Nevermore First Play

Nevermore Box

Very good and simple drafting game where you attack other players with the cards you drafted. The effect of the cards you gathered is determined by how many you have minus how many the person with the second most has.

The cards let you deal damage, heal or draw cards which give you special abilities. If you die you turn into a Raven and the game changes for you slightly but you can turn back human if you draft the right combination of cards.

Result: Great game that I love to play

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