Game Rewind – April 2015

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A look back at games I played for the first time in April 2015.

Not too many but a couple of good ones.

The Castles of Burgundy


The Castles of Burgundy Box

This is a very simple game of rolling dice and using them to gain tiles and to place into your play area. There are different actions to take, different tiles to place and different abilities triggering from placing those tiles.

It’s a good game, very good in fact and one that may go into my collection some time. I would like to see a deluxe edition? Would love cardboard player-boards and thick, meaty tiles. Oversized dice maybe?

I do have to say as far as Feld dice games go I prefer Bora Bora but this one is good too.

Result: I do want to give this another go.



Qwixx Box

A very fun game of ‘dice bingo’.

On your turn you roll dice and cross off up to two boxes while everyone else has a chance to cross off one box. Cross off as many boxes as possible before the game ends to score big points.

The trick being that you can’t cross off a number to the left of one already marked… So if you cross off that 7 you rule out 2,3,4,5 and 6 in that row and that’s the difference between winning and losing.

It’s a very fun game, one of those that everyone enjoys.

Result: I own it, I’ll keep it, I’ll play it and I have an amazing win record at it 😉



Another of the GIPF series that requires multiple plays. Perhaps too long of a game to enjoy unless you really get in to it.

Result: I like 2 player abstracts, but prefer shorter ones.

Geek Out!


Bid to list X things from a chosen Geek category…

The category is determined by dice roll which essentially decides if you’re ever going to score a point or not.

Result: Fun for dedicated Geeks but not when playing against them.

Reverse Charades


A flip on the classic party game where 1 person is guessing while multiple people mime…

While charades is very uniform and deliberate (It’s a book, 2 words, 1st word… etc) this is manic as the ‘mimes’ can’t communicate with each other verbally.

Also, you’re competing to get as many in the time limit rather than just one… Mayhem ensues…

Result: Good, for groups of 8+


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