Game Rewind – May 2014

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A look back at games I played for the first time in May 2014.

Quite a busy one…

Cosmic Encounter


Cosmic Encounter Box

Excellent negotiation game with insane variable player powers. I’ve played this a lot since my first time and I’ve enjoyed it every time since.

Result: I will continue to play this again.



A repetitive and dull backstabby negotiation game that I couldn’t get finished quick enough. It wasn’t helped by 2 of the 4 players spending the whole time playing their own game against each other.

Result: I have no intention of playing this again.



A very nice card game that I played a lot when I first got it. I loved the multiple use of the cards and how you can use them… Sadly, the card drawing was too random and it was VERY hard to form a plan which I find too frustrating.

Result: Very good, but I’ve played it enough now. (Maybe once more with the expansion)

Escape! The Curse of the Temple


Escape The Curse of the Temple Box

Another one I really liked when I first got it. I bought loads of expansions and the game remained as fun while increasing in difficulty.

I just stopped wanting to play it after a while but it was enjoyable each time I did.

Result: Sold it, but I would play this again.

Get Lucky


A fairly quick light game of drawing cards and trying to get other players to discard as many cards as possible without throwing the game away.

Sadly, cards as SO important that most players make the first 3/4 of the game just simply a game of drawing cards. It might be better to just deal the whole deck out to all of the players and start from there…

Result: It’s OK, not helped by it’s own play system.



Splendor Box

I’ve played this a lot and I really enjoy it. I’ve tried different things on most recent plays and enjoyed trying to get a different engine going in different ways.

Just as I was getting to that point of having played it too much in a short period of time, I had a couple of bad experiences with players around the table… so I sold it.

But I was maybe a little too premature as I’ve played it a few times again since without that negative element and I really enjoyed it again.

Result: I will play this again, and again.



Another good game which had it’s positive experience ruined by a negative and defeatist partner.

I like this game and with it’s Movement/LoS mechanic and Theme but I prefer games like Myth and Zombicide.

Result: I would maybe give this another go.



A very mathy math game. It seems quite outdated.

Result: Once was enough.

Cave Evil


A decent game with a great look. I don’t really remember much about it apart from wanting to do more in a turn than I was allowed. But, there are other dungeon crawlers available.

Result: I enjoyed it for a one off experience.

Krosmaster: Arena


A great looking and simple arena combat game. If it wasn’t so pricey and temptingly addictive to collect it all this is one I would own…

Result: I’d love to have this on my shelf, to look at.



Belfort Box

A very nice worker placement game with a fantasy theme. Not sure it’s as interesting as other worker placement games for me these days but it’s still a very nice game.

Result: One I enjoyed…

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