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In 4 years of doing this blog, some games have fallen through the cracks…

Time to catch up…

When I started, I only wrote about OTHER PEOPLES games I played at ORGANISED GAME DAYS. Games my friends own that I play at their house didn’t count.

Also, I didn’t write ‘First Play’ posts about games I owned ’cause I would eventually go on to do a full review instead.

But, my friends have some great games and a lot of my games didn’t stick around until I wrote a review so they were missed… Then, I write about a game and want to reference another game I have played and realise I haven’t written about it at all!

So, here they are, the missing ones in alphabetical order. As with my Rewind sections, I’ll add a box image of any game I recommend. The scoring system I use is the Board Game Geek one and goes like this…

10 – Outstanding. Always want to play, expect this will never change
9 – Excellent. Always want to play
8 – Very good. Like to play, will probably suggest it, will never turn it down
7 – Good. Usually willing to play
6 – Fair. Some fun or challenge at least, will play occasionally if in the right mood
5 – Average. No significant appeal, take it or leave it
4 – Below average. Slightly boring, could be talked into it on occasion
3 – Poor. Likely won’t play this again although could be convinced
2 – Very poor. Annoying, I plan to never play this again
1 – Defies description of a game. You won’t catch me dead playing this. Clearly broken

Ace of Spies

A Spy themed Ticket to Ride clone from Kickstarter. Instead of laying track you collect sets of cards including Spies, Locations and Information etc for points.

Well, you COULD collect sets, or just take a ‘Steal’ card and take someone else’s set.


The Agents

A Spy themed game where you assign Agents from your hand to Missions that site between players either side of you. The cards are double ended with points one side and an ability the other. Depending which way around you play it decide if you get the points, or the ability… The opponent you point towards will get whatever is pointing at them.

Nice idea but is really dependant on what you draw.

Also, the plastic cards where a nice but a nightmare to shuffle.



Classic farming, worker placement game. It has a very harsh ‘feed your people’ system which I’m not a fan of.

This has been surpassed by Caverna.



Archipelago Box

Fantastic (almost) 4X worker placement game with a tonne of mechanisms that all work together really well.

It’s a semi co-op as you need to balance the native population… If there are too many unemployed Natives they will turn on you, revolt and take back the Archipelago from the invaders. Game Over, everyone loses.

Sadly, it suffers from the issue these games have where players can try and tank the game if they’re not winning. Of the 4 games I managed to play, (it was hard to get to the table due to its length and complexity) 3 of them had attempted ‘tankings’. That effects my rating big time.

Apart from that it’s a really good, beautiful game.


Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror Box

Big (literally) title here. Cthulhu themed story game. THE game that got me into the hobby. I had never felt tense, and enjoyed it while playing a board game before this one.

I loved the story and the build-up to the big ending. I also liked playing with the different characters and having the game change for each one.

Maybe overdid it with the expansions? The game was so big and complex… Still fun but wow did you have a lot of little things to think about.

Very good game, but surpassed now by the smoother Eldritch Horror for me…


Blood Bowl

Fantastic sports game, one of the only good ones!

Great tactical play with great lore, teams, star players and levelling up over several games is a lot of fun.

But all that is also the negatives, you need to play seasons which is hard and it’s quite expensive.

But, one of the better games 🙂



A fast two player card game by the master of fast card games, Senji Kanai.

It is essentially a spin on the card game War, Each player has a set of identical cards and you play one each face down, reveal and the higher number takes the ‘win’ 4 wins gives you the game.

Of course each card has an ability, Love Letter style, to mix things up a bit.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG

Awesome CCG with great gameplay. You build a Hero or Villain deck of characters, items and locations from the show then go head to head. Some decks fight, some decks rely on intelligence and charm.

You choose locations in your deck to build half of the 3×3 map with the centre space always Sunnydale Park.

A fantastic game with great cards and unique gameplay that cancelled way too soon


City Tycoon

A tile laying, city building game where you are building routes for power and water to move cubes.

It might have lasted in my collection BUT, I got this from the UK Games Expo at the same time I got Keyflower and Suburbia… They were both similar and better so it got swallowed up immediately.



Courtier Box

A fantastic area control game based on the Tempest world created by AEG. This is the storyline sequel to Love Letter.

You have a certain amount of actions on your turn and you use them to either draw cards or play cards from your hand. You influence members of a Court with cubes, those members are in different sections (such as Church, Palace etc) and if you control one of those you get the special ability card for it.

You wrestle control of these cards and control of the members of the court (to score points) and Event cards add ‘Neutral’ cubes filling up the board quickly.

But, one of these event cards is shuffled in the lower half of the deck and says “The Queen is Arrested”. This ends the game immediately, so if you go first you can get that extra turn which can swing the game…

The only downside to a very good, simple game. (I actually picked this up again in a Math’s Trade :))


DC Comics Deck Building Game

DC Comics Deck Building Game

Yeah so thematically it’s poor… but I don’t care!

This is a VERY simple, deck building game with player powers. Each player gets a character that gives them a unique power meaning you can play each game slightly differently. I did a list of my Fave 3 Player Powers for this game.

Ok, so Marvel Legendary destroys this but on its own it’s a LOT of fun.


Descent: Journeys in the Dark

1 vs many minis game that came in a massive box… It’s a reimplementation of Doom: The Boardgame, which I also owned at one point. I thought the fantasy theming would suit me and my group more.

I think I only played it once and I didn’t enjoy it.


Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia

Euphoria Box

Fantastic and beautiful worker placement game. I had the deluxe edition so had some amazing components for extra bits to enhance the game.

The theme of the game is great and there are several paths to victory. You win by placing your 10 influence tokens… but I’ve mentioned a lot before… I don’t like games that race to a finish.


Fairy Tale

A very nice drafting game with set collection and different ways to score points by collecting fantasy beats.

The scoring is COMPLEX so it’s a difficult teach…


Final Lap

A quite fun Kickstarter where you have a row of car cards and you play cards from your hand to alter their position. Of course, you’re trying to be first… but you can make quite evil moves like sacrificing one of your cars to take out an opponent.

It’s very similar to a pre-existing racing card game which I can’t remember the name of and plays similar in a way to games like Guillotine


Flash Point

Co-op where you play Fire Fighters rescuing people from a burning building.

Nice… but other co-op games are much better.


Four Elements

A flicking game where you each play one Element made of plastic. Each element is weighted and shaped differently to act in a unique way.


Game of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue

A puzzle game that is a re-theme of an older game about Penguins.

Nice images from the TV show which can be a good way to learn the names of the Game of Thrones TV characters 🙂


Infinite City

A tile laying city building game where the city changes and moves as you build it. You’re trying to play tiles next to each other to create large areas of control while playing point scoring tiles.

You’re also trying to break up your opponent’s influence on connecting tiles. Nice theme, average game.


Jungle Rumble

A VERY cute action selection game (along the lines of Puerto Rico I’m told) where you’re using Kitty Kat workers which are adorable.

You collect resources, build farms and collect food to feed your workers. When you use them they go to sleep and you need to be able to wake them up…

Very cute and a very good game… But there’s something in the game length and weight which doesn’t feel right but I can’t really describe what it is… I like it, but I don’t? Weird I know!


Killer Bunnies

I like this, the base game anyway. You’re trying to find the magical carrot and you do this by programming cards… The card you play this turn won’t activate until 3 turns in the future…

But expansion after expansion overcomplicated it to the point that it wasn’t worth playing it.



You’re pirates collecting treasure from those available, some good, some bad. You do this by selecting and simultaneously revealing role cards each with an activation order.

It plays 6 players and each set of cards plays rock, paper, scissors against another. So image red beats blue, blue beats green and green beats red… for example.

Yellow may also beat blue. Now image playing blue with the other two players using Red and Yellow… sucks right?

So if you’re not playing with 3 or 6 players that game is quite unbalanced.


The Lord of the Rings: The Deck Building Game

A deck building game which plays the same as the DC Deck Building game I mentioned earlier.

The Lord of the Rings theme appealed to me more but the game is HARSH in comparison. Lots more attacks, less defence and the enemies attack with a lot of power. It took way froorm that basic fun and game flow.


Lost Temple

Draft roles and play them in order, a la Citadels. This game has you moving around a board collecting things…

I was hoping it would fix Citadels which I found very slow and boring, but it didn’t.


Mage Tower, A Tower Defence Card Game

An interesting Tower Defence style card game where you draft a deck and get going. It’s a lot of fun but the designer made a free app of the game which was a lot smoother than the real gameplay.

I enjoyed the app so much that the card game became superfluous. The designer must know this as they went on to Kickstart a full app version of the game…

2/10 (App version, 6/10)

Magic: The Gathering

The best CCG ever made.

I really enjoy playing this game but I also like building and collecting decks which I can’t afford to do anymore 🙂



A very humorous game with various themes where you’re trying to level up your character.

A much-hated game (due to how long the game can take) but I like it…

Well, I SHOULD like it, my group are not evil enough to play it or at least weren’t at the time. You need to try and kill each other off to stop them levelling up, they didn’t do that.

But if you do kill people off all the time the game never ends so… Maybe it’s not so good?


New York

A re-theme of Alhambra to early to mid 20th Century New York.

If you want Alhambra without the looming pressure of a load of expansions, this is a good (cheap) option 🙂



A Werewolf/Vampire themed Deck Building game where you attack each other to make other players have more damage than you.

I bought the game after playing the app a lot, but I preferred the app… but I don’t play it much now.

3/10 (App version, 4/10)

Paranoia Mandatory Bonus Fun! Card Game

A very funny game set in the Paranoia universe.

You’re trying to complete missions to please ‘The computer’ to gain higher clearance levels.

I don’t remember much about this game other than a big rules dispute that we never resolved. (Although I know I’m right!)


Pathfinder The Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords

Pathfinder Advaenture Card Game Box

A very fun RPG in a card game where you are essentially flipping a card and rolling dice… that’s it.

Your character progresses by changing their deck based on the cards you’ve picked up and by ticking boxes on your character sheet by completing missions.

I was enjoying this but the group I was playing it with stopped… I tried it solo but it’s not the same.


Pina Pirata

Pina Pirata Box

I LOVE this game… it’s so much crazy fun. It’s just Uno with animal pictures but you have an ever-changing rule set.

You can have some bizarre combinations that can lead to a round lasting a long time, but you can control this with clever rules selection.

UPDATE: I bought the second edition at Essen 2015


Pokemon Trading Card Game

A great CCG that was a huge deal at the time and the Cartoon was great!

I still have my decks, a Grass, a Fire, an Electric, A Water and a Psychic deck sat in adrawerw somewhere.

I will play this again one day 🙂


Prime Wars

Great artwork on a terrible game. It’s Uno, but not as good. For the art, it’s worth it, for the game… no.


Resident Evil Deck Building Game

Resident Evil Deck Building Game Box

A deck building game base on one of my favourite ever computer games.

It plays similar to Dominion with X actions and X buys depending on the cards you play but you have the option of exploring the Mansion and fighting monsters with your weapons.

These monsters can be random though… You could have 3-4 ‘normal’ zombies in a row while I get the boss and 2 sub-bosses… and get killed.

Randomness aside, it’s a very very good game.


Say Bye to the Villains

Say Bye to the Villains

A little combat game from the designer of Love Letter.

You have a hand of cards and you’re building up the abilities of your Warrior. You do this in turn order but each card you play costs ‘time’. You also add time by playing a face-down card onto your character to play an ability.

But time is also spent playing cards on the bad guys. They have a bunch of face-down cards that you need to check so you know if you can beat them or not.

Once you have all this information each player picks one Baddie to fight against. One failure and your whole team will lose.

The whole game is very good… but it’s VERY random. Quite often you’ll find you maybe couldn’t have won due to one bad guy being super-powered… oh well. If you don’t mind this randomness it’s worth a go.



Draft cards, take dice, play abilities, score points.

This game is VERY pretty but didn’t keep my attention for long. However, I would play it again.


Secret Moon

A hidden role game from the creator of Love Letter.

This one discourages talking as you try to work out who is the Princess and the Wanderer, or who is the Minister and his team. You ask questions to people and depending on their role they have to give a specific reply… Of course, some roles are lying.

Too complex to be fun as precision in speech makes these games quite awkward.


Seventh Hero

Trying to collect a set of Heroes without picking up duplicates. You do this by passing one around the table face down and players can either pass or recruit.

You can get information about the card by using abilities of your Heroes and/or cards from your hands.

A good game but needs the right people… Some have an ‘I Might as well recruit’ attitude which kinda kills the game… You need to tactically recruit, or just pass it on…


Shinobi Clans

A betting game essentially where you tactically choose to defend or assassinate some targets based on your hand of cards…

Your cards will allow you to ninjas that attack or defend or even equip weapons which will buff or de-buff these ninjas.

Card play is simple really… You play Ninja’s Face up or down depending on the card on top of the target card. Weapons are placed in slots either side of the target where the Ninja’s will appear when the cards are being resolved.

Another game that is clunky and quite hard to explain. It leads to a lot of mistakes being made.

It was my hope it would replace Cheaty Mages but it didn’t work out. The artwork is PHENOMENAL though.


Small World

Fantasy Risk on a smaller scale. You pick a fantasy race and stomp your way around a board. The good thing about this game is when you start to spread yourself too thin you put that race ‘in decline’ and start a new one.

A very fun game that is fiddly due to all the race counters, the iPad version is amazing though without the fiddly bits.

I did a post on my Fave 5 Races from Small World.

4/10 (App version 7/10)

Smash Up

A game of combining a couple of decks of races together and using their unique abilities to gain a majority of ‘strength’.

The combination you get can be great and work together. Other times you may have one race that requires cards in your hand, and one that benefits you for having an empty hand.

Either way, the art is great, there’s a TONNE of races to choose from and the game is good but it’s a bit too confrontational for me to enjoy playing often.


Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game

Don’t really remember it.

I know it had some good ideas but I played one solo game and ditched it.





A VERY good game of playing Meeples in-between cards laid out on the board. Then, tactically removing those Meeples to buy those cards and gain money.

Although I like it, it’s quite nasty. You can really choose to screw someone over and leave a bunch of their meeples stranded on the board.

Still, good game.


Star Realms

A very quick and simple deck building game where 2 players fight each other.

The game is fun, the art is great but Hero Realms has a better theme for me.


Sushi Go

A VERY simple, cute, Sushi themed drafting game…

Simple to play, too simple.


Templar Intrigue

Another hidden role game that requires pinpoint accuracy from players.

They generally don’t work as you require large groups and someone will get it wrong.


This Town Ain’t Big enough for the 2-4 of Us

A tile laying game unsurprisingly for 2-4 players.

It didn’t cost much but I didn’t like it, I could just play Carcassonne without expansions for a better experience.


Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin

A fantasy themed deck building game where you have to balance going to the village and buying cards with going to fight monsters.

The cards and theme are great and it’s a game I really enjoyed.

There is an issue where the good cards can be bought meaning some players got more powerful and other couldn’t catch up. There is an Epic variant that mixes a bunch of cards together to solve this problem, I wish I knew about it at the time.


Tiny Epic Defenders

Fantasy themed game where you flip a card and move a token…

That’s literally it. Plenty of better co-ops available.


Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Fantasy themed 4x type game. It’s not bad, it’s cute enough and the pieces are cool.

It would be a keeper if it was 20 minutes rather than 45-60.



A relaxing game of having the most fulfilling journey across Japan.

You move your little token down the road as far as you cant, but you can’t go backwards.

Sadly, the path forward seems pretty clear and it becomes a game of blocking off others rather than helping yourself. I just found it dull.



The definition of an undeveloped Kickstarter game.


Valley of the Kings

A quite nice deck building game where you buy cards laid out in a pyramid and cause the pyramid to collapse.

Like a lot of games, it’s too harsh with a lot of ‘screw you’ cards. But I do like it.


YuGiOh! Trading Card Game

A decent CCG that I wa playing when watching the cartoon was new in the UK.

It’s a nice game, not as tactical as a lot of CCGs but it was great at the time.



A cute set collection game where you’re trying not to collect too many of a set, but you might be forced too!

It’s a larger, themed version of Coloretto which comes in a nice compact box and as shelf space is at a premium… the cuteness of Zooloretto had to make way.


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