Review – The Mines of Zavandor

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An Auction and Trading game.

Title: The Mines of Zavandor

Year Published: 2010

Designer: Alexander Pfister

Publisher: Z-Man Games

Players: 2-4

Game Time: ~90 minutes

Set-up Time: ~3 minutes

Ages: 10+

Theme: The Fantasy world of Zavandor

Mechanisms: Auction, Trading

How to win: Score the most points from points tokens and upgrades.

Game Description

It’s all about dwarves, and mining, and gemstones and other enhancements for the mines that need to get developed further.

Set Up, Game Play & Game End

Round Up

I generally don’t like auction games due to the auction part being way too slow. Here, you bid once, on 4 auctions simultaneously then resolve them, it takes no time at all.

You take the income and have to choose between bidding for auctions and upgrading your stuff. You’ll have to check where the King is and which of your Gems you may need for upgrades this round.

This is why not being able to use Gems you use to lose auctions for upgrades is great. You can’t just dump everything down and cross your fingers.

It’s just a very simple game: Get your income, Bid on things, Increase your income, Bid on more things etc

It’s really nice and really fast paced.


A very nice auction game.

I give it 6/10

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