Review – Mascarade

A bluffing, memory game.

Title: Mascarade

Year Published: 2013

Designer: Bruno Faidutti

Publisher: Asmodee

Players: 2-13

Game Time: 30+ Mins

Set-up Time: >5 Mins

Ages: 8+

Theme: Medieval

Mechanic: Memory, Player Powers

How to win: Gain 13 Coins

Game Description

Players in Mascarade start with six coins and a randomly dealt character card. Characters stay face up just long enough for players to more or less memorize them, then are turned face down. Your goal is to be the first player to hold 13 coins, and while you start nearly halfway to that goal, you can go down just as surely as you can go up!

Set Up

Give each player 6 Gold.

Place the rest of the money in the middle of the table near to the Courthouse.

Take the Characters from the deck depending on the player count and add the character tokens into the middle of the table.

Shuffle and deal a character to each player face up.

When everyone has had a chance to look at each players role, all cards are turned face down.

Game Play

Starting with the first player, for the first 4 turns that player must take another players card and secretly, without looking, swap, or not swap role with that player.

From the 5th turn onwards each player must take one of the following actions.

Swap Cards – As described above

Secretly Look – Secretly look at their role card

Announce their character – The player can claim which role they have and use its ability. A player can not do this if the player immediately to their right forces the player to reveal their card.

If a player announces their role, other players have a chance to claim they are that role.

If no one claims to have the role, the player activates that roles ability without revealing their card.

If one or more players claim to be that role, al players turn over their cards. Those that are incorrect pay a 1 Gold fine to the Courthouse. The person with the correct role uses the ability of that role, even if it isn’t their turn.

Play continues left.

Mascarade cards

Game End

When a player has 13 coins they win.

If a player goes down to 0 Gold, the richest player wins.

Round Up

A good game that is very random. Quite often you have no idea what character you are and wasting a turn looking is generally pointless as people will probably swap (or not) with you to mess you up a bit.

It does seem a lot of the play is guessing or hoping…

Having said that, there is a lot of laughs when it is played.


Not too bad…

I give it 5/10


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