Review – Evil Baby Orphanage

The semi-educational game of time travel and abduction!

Title: Evil Baby Orphanage

Year Published: 2011

Designer: Justin Gibbs, Mack Martin

Publisher: Wyrd Miniatures

Players: 3-6

Game Time: 15 Mins

Set-up Time: >5 Mins

Ages: 10+

Theme: Evil Babies

Mechanic: Card Game

How to win: Get 8 mischief

Game Description

Evil Baby Orphanage is a communal deck party card game for three or more players. Each player takes on the role of a Time Nanny using advanced time out technology to rid the time stream of the world’s worst villains and “prehabilitate” them to be accountants, or ballerinas, or something.

The game consists of two decks; the baby deck and the nanny deck. During your turn play nanny cards from your hand to “adopt” babies from your friends, keep your babies in check, and make your opponent’s babies go nuts. Then each of your babies takes its “unsupervised actions” unless you can calm them down with toys or nap time. Finally, adopt an evil baby from the time stream (three face up babies from the baby deck), draw more nanny cards, and end your turn.

Start your turn with ten mischief and win the game, but be careful, containing the world’s most mischievous babies isn’t easy! Keep your babies from burning down your orphanage as you try to keep the Unabomber away from the arts and crafts table, Kim Jong Il away from the toy rocket ship, and Caligula away from everyone…

Set Up

Each player is dealt a random Time Nanny. This card is placed face up in front of the player. The rest are placed back in the tin.

Each player is dealt 4 cards from the Nanny deck. The rest are placed in the centre of the table creating the Nanny deck.

Each player is dealt 1 Evil Baby to get their Orphanage started, this is placed in front of them. The rest are placed in the centre of the table to create the Baby deck. 3 babies are turned face up creating the time stream.

Time Nannies from Evil Baby Orphanage

Time Nannies from Evil Baby Orphanage

Game Play

A players turn is taken over 5 phases.

1 – Win

If you have 8 mischief at the beginning on your turn, you win.

2 – Activity

Players play cards from their hands, following the instructions.

3 – Supervise

From left to right, each player resolves the ‘unsupervised’ effects of their babies. Some babies have their own unique text but most have one or more of the following 5 symbols.

Bully – Choose an opponent, they move one of their babies to an orphanage on their left or right

Biter – Choose one of your other babies and move it to an orphanage on your left or right

Grabby – Steal a toy or time machine from another Nanny

Babbling – Players to your left or right draw a card

Creepy – This baby moves to your left or right.

If you played a good toy into your Orphanage in the Activity page, you can discard it to ‘Supervise’ a baby so it does not perform its unsupervised actions.

Evil Baby Orphanage Babies

Babies from the Evil Baby Orphanage

4 – Adopt

Take a baby, or time machine from the time stream. Put a baby either on the left or right of your Orphanage. Refill the time stream.

5 – Draw

Discard any number of cards in your hand and draw back up to 4

Evil Baby Orphanage Toys and Cards

Toys and Nanny Cards from Evil Baby Orphanage

End Game

At the start of a players turn, if they have 8+ mischief in their Orphanage, they win. There are alternate win conditions on some of the Time Nannies.

Round Up

Erm… ok.

Firstly the theme and art is great. It’s a very unique theme and while playing we have used Wikipedia to learn more about these evil characters from history. I love the art, especially for the cute little toys. (Check out Hannibal’s Elephant!)

The activity cards are good, and cute too. There’s some fun to be had stealing babies from other Orphanages or shuffling them around the table.

There are tactical choices to be made. When to play activity cards, when to supervise babies, which side of your orphanage to put babies in.

But, the game is a little random and one good card draw can win it on turn 2.


Too slow for a filler, not challenging enough for anything else. But it does come with cuteness and laughs.

I give it 3/10

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