Review – Dodekka

A push your luck, hand management card game.

Title: Dodekka

Year Published: 2014

Designer: Andy Hopwood

Publisher: Coiledspring Games

Players: 2-6

Game Time: ~20 Mins

Set-up Time: >1 Mins

Ages: 6+

Theme: Ancient Greece

Mechanic: Hand Management, Press Your Luck

How to win: Score the most points.

Game Description

Your goal is to collect the highest score from one element suit; Fire, Earth, Air, Water or Ether.

Set Up

Shuffle the deck and put it face down in the middle of the table and turn over the first 2 cards in a row… that’s it!

Dodekka Setup

Game Play

On a players turn, they either take the card nearest the deck or turn over a card and add it to the end of the row.

If you take a card, shift the remaining cards towards the deck, keeping them in order.

If you turn over a card, add up the values of all the cards in the row. If the total is 13 or more you have bust, all players shout “Dodekka!” and you take all the cards.

However, if the last 2 cards in the row have the same value, you do not bust.

If the row empties for any reason, turn over 3 cards.

Game End

When there are no cards left in the deck, the game ends.

Each player looks at their hand, chooses an element and adds up the value of each card of that element. Then, you get -1 point for each card or any other element.

Most points wins, in the case of a tie, the player with the most total cards in their hand wins.

Round Up

A very simple game with a lot of tactical play required. You only have an option of 2 things to do and quite often you don’t want to do either!

Sometimes the cards in the row will be all the same colour and you want it to bust so you can take them all, of course it doesn’t and you don’t.

Everyone has fun playing it.


A very fun game.

I give it 7/10

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