Review – Dice Masters

A collectible dice building game.

Title: Dice Masters

Year Published: 2014

Designer: Mike Elliot, Eric M. Lang

Publisher: WizKids Games

Players: 2

Game Time: ~15 Mins

Set-up Time: <1 Mins

Ages: 10+

Theme: Various

Mechanic: Dice Building

How to win: Defeat your opponent.

Game Description

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men is a collectible dice-building tabletop game designed by Quarriors! creators Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang.

Set Up

Set up is simple. For a ‘full’ game as I call it each player brings 2 Action cards and 8 character cards. These characters must be different and have a different sub-title too.

You can have up to 20 dice split among the character cards but you can not go above the Max number of dice allowed by that card and also each card must have at least 1 die on it.

Each player gets 20 life and play begins with a random start player.

Game Play

Who better to go through game play than Rodney Smith (again) from Watch It Played via the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube Channel.

Game End

You win and the game ends when you reduce your opponents life total to 0.

Round Up

Being from a Magic the Gathering background I love the collectible game where you can build decks. Also, it’s cheaper than Magic and you don’t need to collect anywhere near as many cards but you do need the dice.

Most cards are average or have clearly better versions which are generally sorted by rarity, but not always. Super Rares and generally the best cards but Rares aren’t necessarily better than the Common or Uncommon version.

As for game play, that choice of deciding what to do with combat is a great one. Do you block and KO your opponents creature which means they get that die back next turn? Or take the damage and get it back in their bag… there’s only so many times you can take damage.

Combat is the best part of the game, and is 90% of the game really unlike Magic where it’s only really 50%.

I’m still undecided about the ‘open information’ part of the game. Everything you have in your Team is out there unlike almost any other game where you have a deck of secrets that is uncovered as the game goes on.

Hoping to see more strategy come in with future sets.


Very fun game while tournaments are ongoing, but it needs expansions.

I give it 7/10

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