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A Bluffing and Deduction game.

Title: Coyote

Year Published: 2003

Designer: Spartaco Albertarelli

Publisher: Swan Panasia Co., Ltd.

Players: 3-6

Game Time: ~30 mins

Set-up Time: <1 min

Ages: 10+

Theme: Old West

Mechanic: Bluffing, Deduction

How to win: Survive!

Game Description

Coyote is a simple bluffing game in a western setting.

Set Up

Give each player a head band and shuffle the deck of cards, done!

Pick a start player.

Game Play

Each player takes a card and without looking at it and puts it in their headband facing outwards. Everyone now has a chance to look at the cards the other players have on their head.

In this 4 player game, you can see a total of 8, but what is the total including your card?

The first player will pick a number and then in clockwise order, players either increase that number, or call the player out.

If they call the player out everyone puts their cards on the table. If the last number called is OVER the total, that player gets a Coyote. If it’s equal to or under, the player that called them out gets one instead.

The total is 9!

A new round starts with the last player to act (Either call a player out or guess a number, whoever didn’t get the Coyote.)

If a player gets 3 Coyotes, they are out of the game.

The numbers go from 1-20, but there are 5 special cards that mess things up a bit. If one or more are revealed they are resolved in the following order. (It caan matter)

? – Turn over Top Card, the Question Mark is now that card.

The total is 28!

Max 0 – The Highest Value card is now a 0.

The total is 4!

Max – – The Highest Value card in play is now Negative.

The total is 0!

x2 – Doubles the Total of all the cards in play.

The total is 16!

0 – Not as special this one it’s just a 0. However, when the card is revealed you reshuffle the deck of Feathers.

The total is 8!

Game End

When only one player remains, they are the winner.

Round Up

What a fun game.

It’s often compared to Perudo and rightly so, but in Perudo you only have information on your dice, no one else’s. In Coyote, you know everything BUT your card which makes it more interesting in my opinion.

When you call someone out confidently, lift the card out your band and slap it smugly down on the table only to release it’s the ‘x2’ card and everyone was giving a low number to trick you. Argh!

That kind of bluffing is there. You can work out what the person to your left can see (apart from your own card obviously) and try and trick them into calling you out. Or manoeuvre the game to eliminate the person after them. (We do, it’s great :))

The version I have also comes with these coins for an advanced game that gives you additional actions instead of taking an action on your turn.

Super fun and super simple!


VERY fun, always hilarious.

I give it 8/10

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