Review – Cash ‘n Guns Second Edition

A take that game.

Title: Ca$h ‘n Guns

Year Published: 2014

Designer: John Kovalic

Publisher: Repos Production

Players: 4-8

Game Time: ~ 30 Mins

Set-up Time: >5 Mins

Ages: 10+

Theme: Gangster

Mechanic: Take that, Player Elimination, Drafting

How to win: Survive and earn the most loot.

Game Description

In an abandoned warehouse a gangster band is splitting its loot, but they can’t agree on the split! It’s time to let the guns talk and soon everyone is aiming at everyone. The richest surviving gangster wins the game!

Ca$h ‘n Guns helps you relive the best scenes of your favourite gangster movies. The goal is to have the more money than anyone else after eight rounds while still being alive.

Set Up

Each player takes a Foam gun, 5 Click cards and 3 Bang! cards. They also take 1 Character standee.

Cash n Guns Setup

Then shuffle all of the Loot cards and divide them into 8 piles of 8 cards with the Godfather token in the middle of the table, next to the Loot cards.

Place the Wound tokens nearby and give the Godfather standee to the oldest player.

Game Play

Flip over 8 loot tokens from one of the piles and add the Godfather token to it.

Each player places a card face down, ether a bang or click.

The Godfather counts from 3 then each player points a gun at someone. Once everyone has pointed their gun, the Godfather can order one player to choose a new target.

After negotiation, the Godfather counts from 3 again, at 0 you have 2 options…

Lay down your gun, character and leave any right to any loot, discard your bullet card face down.


Leave your gun up, character up and shout Banzai!

Remaining players reveal their bullet cards. on a ‘Click’ – Nothing Happens but on a ‘Bang’ you shoot, the target takes a wound and knocks their character over, also receiving no loot.

These cards happen simultaneously so players can wound each other at the same time. If you get 3 wounds, you are out of the game.

All the players left standing, starting with the Godfather and going clockwise, takes a share of the loot. This continues until everything, including the Godfather token which will make you the Godfather in the next round.

Cash n Guns Loot

After this, the next round begins.

Game End

After 8 rounds, all living players count up their loot with the player with the most Diamonds getting a bonus tile. (No one gets it on a tie)

Highest loot amount wins with the player with the most wounds winning any ties.

Round Up

Pointing foam guns at peoples faces is a lot of fun. Bluffing and trying to get people to put their gun down when you have a Click is awesome when it works… and they never find out!

As for the loot, do you just go for Money? Or do you try and get the Diamonds and the large bonus that they come with? Or do you try and gather Pictures which are worth more the more you have?

Or do you take loot when you can take a Heal card or a card that lets you get an extra Bang? These are the decisions that you have to make when during the loot share phase.

The character roles vary the game play an make you play differently. Some make certain loot types more valuable so you’re more likely to stay in when maybe you wouldn’t have without a that role.


A fun one for 6+ players.

I give it 6/10

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