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A bluffing and bidding card game.

Title: Boom: Runaway

Year Published: 2014

Designer: Christwart Conrad

Publisher: Korea Boardgames Co.

Players: 2-5

Game Time: ~30 Mins

Set-up Time: >1 Mins

Ages: 8+

Theme: Cartoon Bomb Factory

Mechanic: Bluffing, Bidding.

How to win: Score the most points.

Game Description

Boom: Runaway is a light bidding/bluffing/deduction card game in which the players want to help peace-loving bombs flee from an armoury so that they can live out their lives in peace not blowing anyone (and themselves) to bits. If too many bombs try to leave at once, though, the armoury guards could force them back to work.

Set Up & Game Play

Shuffle bomb cards and deal 12 to each player, remove the rest from the game. (In a 3 player game you need to remove a 3 and 5 of each colour first. In a 5 player game just deal 10 cards).

Boom Runaway Bomb Cards

Shuffle the guard deck and give each player a paradise card

Game Play

Flip over a guard card, give everyone a chance to take a look at it…

Boom Runaway Guard Card

Players pick one card form their hand and play it face down, everyone will simultaneously flip them over when ready.

Then, each player then selects two cards from their hand and places them face down and once again, simultaneously reveal. (In a 5 player game, you just select 1 card again.)

Then, from Left to Right on the Guard Card, check to see if they catch any bombs…

If the total of all cards of that colour is equal to or less than the Guard card, the Player(s) who played the highest total in that colour puts one card of that colour face up on their paradise card. All other cards played of that colour are played face down on their respective paradise card.

Boom Runaway on the Limited

As the total of all Brown cards in under the limit of 8, the left hand player scores 5 points, the right hand player scores 1.

If the total is higher, the player(s) with the highest total in that colour take those cards back into their hand. Then you check the total and repeat.

Boom Runaway Over the Limit

As the limit of all Blue cards played has been exceeded, the right hand player will take their card back into their hand. Now the limit hasn’t been exceeded, the right hand player will score their card as 3 points.

Repeat this process for each colour on the guard card.

Game End

At the end of a round, if a player has 2 or fewer cards in their hand the game ends, otherwise start a new round.

Score 1 point for each bomb card (face up and face down) in your paradise plus score points equal to the value of your face up bombs.

Boom Runaway Points

Was the players score of 20 points enough? Well, it’s not a real score, it’s set-up for this photo…

Most points wins.

Round Up

I really like playing this game as  a quick filler. The game is nice, the art is fun and it’s easy to teach and understand.

It does play best with 3-4 as playing 2 cards in that second round is a lot more fun than everyone just playing one. It means you need to think more, strategize better and as more cards and bumped back to hand it makes the game better for me.

There are these Ruse cards…

Boom Runaway Ruse Cards

They have a no effect and come back to your hand each round and you can use them for bluffing. In a 5 player game thee are pretty much useless as hardly anyone plays them. You might as well play a bomb card and try to score points.

In a 3-4 player game they’re great. It means on that second round of card play you can play one card and your Ruse… Play it all the time and you opponents will know they can push that bit harder to score the big points.


A very easy to play card game but with some difficult decisions, much better with 3-4 players than 5… Playing two cards each instead of just one makes it so much better.

I give it 7/10

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