Review – Blueprints

A dice rolling, pattern building game.

Title: Blueprints

Year Published: 2013

Designer: Yves Tourigny

Publisher: Z-Man Games

Players: 2-4

Game Time: ~30 Mins

Set-up Time: >1 Mins

Ages: 8+

Theme: Modern Day Architects.

Mechanic: Hand Management, Player Elimination

How to win: Score the most points after 3 rounds.

Game Description

In Blueprints, players are architects who must use different coloured dice to build three different structures from blueprints, with the dice providing different advantages to you.

Set Up

Put the Prize cards on the table.

Blueprints Prize and Award Cards

Put two dice on the in-demand materials one at a time.

Blueprints In-Demand Materials

Roll a number of dice depending on the player count into the dice pool of available materials.

Blueprints Available Materials

Give each player a screen and a secret Blueprint.

Blueprints Screen and Blueprints

Determine a random first player.

Game Play

First player places on their Blueprint then rolls a new die from the bag into the pile.

There are some placement rules…

It must be placed on one of the designated spaces on your Blueprint. If it’s placed onto of another die, it must have an equal or higher value to the one below it.

Blueprints Stacking Dice

Obviously you can’t change the value of a die and once a die is placed it can’t be moved.

Play continues clockwise until each player has played 6 dice.

Then you score the Blueprint on the score track. First give each player 6 points if their finished building matches their Blueprint.

Blueprints Completed Blueprint

Then you score each type of resource.

Orange – Wood – Each die scores 2 points for each die it shares a face with

Blueprints Wood Dice

Green – Recycled – Score depending on how many you have on your Blueprint

Blueprints Recycled Dice

Black – Stone – Each die scores depending on what level of the building its on

Blueprints Stone Dice

Clear – Glass – These are worth their face value

Blueprints Glass Die


Using the In-Demand materials as a tie breaker, give out the Gold, Silver and Bronze rewards.

Blueprints Award Cards


Check to see if anyone has won a Prize. Only one of each Prize can be given out per turn with In-Demand materials breaking ties again.

Skyscraper Prize – Have a building at least 5 high

Blueprints Skyscraper Prize

Structural Integrity – 4+ dice of equal value

Blueprints Structural Integrity Prize

Geometer – Contains values 1-6

Blueprints Geometer Prize

Material – 5+ dice of the same material

Blueprints Materials Prize

Once all the prizes have been given out , start a new round.

Game End

After 3 rounds, the game ends.

Players add up their Reward and Prize card points, most points wins.

Round Up

Easy game to play, easy to teach too. But it’s by no means easy to gain points.

Even if you get the right die at the right time and you ‘win’ all 3 Blueprints you can still lose the game. You need to know when to give up on your Blueprint and go for a Prize. The points on the rewards and prizes are all that matters…

If you’re lucky you can get a Reward AND a Prize in the same round… It’s worth sacrificing Gold for a lower Prize and a Reward if you think you can get it.

But this is one you have to play. Stacking dice looks random and dull but it’s really quite clever and competitive.


Nice and simple, almost a filler.

I give it 6/10

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