Just a guy from England that loves Games, (Board, Card and Computer) Sport, TV, Films and is other stuff including most recently WWE. (It’s good again, go watch ;))

I used to have a Podcast over at Cult of the New but now I have a Podcast on this site instead. The name is ‘JTR Podcast’ and it contains audio segments to add variety to the written content already on the site.

Additionally, Video ‘How to Play’ segments are coming soon (Fingers Crossed) to make the reviews easier to consume.

So what will you find on this site?

Gameday First Play

This is an overview of games I played for the first time during an organised Games Day. Some I own, most I won’t but they’re just a short quick overview of the game with a few pictures of that game in progress.

Some of these will be audio and/or video including the options of people I played the game with. This will only be for larger releases and games I received as a review copy.

Game Rewind

You can’t JUST judge games after one play so each month I look back on the corresponding month a year earlier and sum up all the games I played for the first time.

Which have I played again? Which do I recommend? How do I feel about it now?

This will now be audio/video as part of JTR Podcast

Game of the Month

More info to follow…


I’m reviewing ALL the games in my Board Game collection once I play them enough to get a good idea of the game itself..

I’m reviewing Board Games in the order they came into my possession and each review includes a fairy comprehensive “How to play” section and a smaller round up with my thoughts and opinions.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m hoping to start to include the ‘How to Play’ section as a video.

Jesta Plays

While I prefer to play games in groups, I’m going to start playing some games solo. This segment let’s me look at a game from a set-up, game play and tear down perspective, comparison to group play and the experience as a whole.

I’ll only include games that are officially one player, no unofficial variants. (Got to draw the line somewhere!)

Top 10’s & Fave 5’s

These are fairly straight forward.

Top 10’s are the Top 10 of a particular subject based on my opinion. This is carrying over from the regular Top 10’s I did on my old Podcast.

Fave 5’s are my favourite 5 things within a game, different from a Top 10 in that it focuses on smaller subjects… got that? 🙂

Game vs Game

Another subject carried over from the old Podcast, this compares a game over 5 individual points to another game. Usually, the games are connected in some way, generally by theme or mechanisms.


If a Kickstarter looks interesting, is one I backed or is one that a publisher asked me to highlight I will provide information on it on the blog. If audio is available, it will be added as a Podcast.


When out and about at conventions, I take my recorder and sometimes get to talk to people. Those interviews will be part of the Podcast.

Hope you enjoy it! (Feel free to comment)

Welcome to JestaThaRogue.com